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was chartered in 1960 and incorporated as a charitable non-profit organization in 1966.  It is governed by a 9 member volunteer Board of Directors and has a mandate to provide programs and support to persons with exceptionalities (formerly developmental disabilities) and their families.

CLH receives operating grants annually from the Provincial Government through the Ministry of Community and Social Services, Ministry of Housing, and the County of Simcoe.  To support our range of programs and services, the agency employs over  230 employees and as such,  are a significant employer in the community. 

The agency’s catchment area extends south to Elmvale from Midland/Penetang, west to Wasaga Beach, east to Coldwater & north to Muskoka County Line, which includes Tiny & Tay Townships, Midland, Penetang, Lafontaine, Christian Island, Victoria Harbour, Port McNicoll & Waubaushene.

Fundraising is utilized to support efforts such as a summer Teen program, summer RT program, a volunteer program, vacations for people that we support, wheelchairs, wheelchair vans and community awareness efforts. In the final analysis, Community Living Huronia contributes substantially to the local economy.

Resources for seniors with a developmental disability are becoming a larger demand on CLH’s supports.  Presently we have three group home settings supporting seniors including the new Agnes Gray residence on Yonge Street.  This population is growing rapidly with approximately 40% of those receiving supports through the Residential Program, 55+ years of age.

The range of services available in the community has greatly expanded since depopulation of institutions began in the 1970’s.  We have become a major player in providing viable community-based alternatives to institutional care.  During the 1980’s smaller institutions were closed and larger institutions continued to downsize with the final closure of all institutions by March, 2009. We continue to need the support of the entire community if our Mission Statement is to become an ongoing reality.  We seek to support people with exceptionalities in a way that emphasizes inclusive choice, empowerment and individuality. Inclusion of the people that we support into all aspects of community living is fundamental to the current values that are driving our efforts forward.

COMMUNITY LIVING HURONIA is the lead agency for Central East Region of the Networks of Specialized Care.  To access information about the Networks visit:



The Broader Public Sector (BPS) Procurement Directive provides consistent procurement practices for BPS organizations to:

  • improve accountability and transparency for procurement decisions and processes, and
  • maximize the value that BPS organizations receive from the use of public funds.

The BPS Procurement Directive is based on the Supply Chain Guideline which was developed in consultation with BPS organizations.

 Community Living Huronia is designated as a broader public sector organization and, as such, complies with the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act and it's related Directives.  This includes developing policies and practices regarding expenses and perquisites, which are made available to the public on its corporate website.


       Broader Public Sector Expenses Directive

  • CLH employees will be reimbursed for expenses while on official Association business at a site other than the Association's premises. Any variations from these rates will be dealt with on an individualized basis.   This includes travel expenses and meals as set out in the Collective Agreement:  


25.01     If an employee is authorized and then required to drive his own automobile for the Employer’s business, the Employer shall pay an allowance of:
 Effective April 1st, 2012 - $0.44 per kilometer  
Such allowance shall be paid upon receipt of a travel expense approved by the Employer.  An employee shall not be authorized to drive his vehicle for the Employer’s business unless he possesses and maintains a current valid driver’s license and submits to the Employer a confirmation of a valid ‘G’ driver’s license and satisfactory proof he has auto insurance coverage indicating that he has at least $1,000,000.00 public liability insurance.  The cost of such insurance is to be borne by the employee.
 25.02     The Employer agrees to pay an employee the cost of his/her meals to a maximum of ten dollars ($10.00) for breakfast, fifteen dollars ($15.00) for lunch, and twenty dollars ($20.00) for evening dinner for approved activities provided:
(a)    the employee is on official C.L.H. business at a site other than the C.L.H. premises during the normally accepted meal periods;
(b)      the employee submits satisfactory proof of the cost of such meals. 

      Broader Public Sector Perquisites Directive

  • Community Living Huronia does not provide perquisites to any of its volunteers or employees.

      CLH Code of Ethics   

      CLH Policy Perquisites Directive    

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