A Success Story: Adrian Price

Adrian at Midland home hardware building centre

I went to the office of CLH Developmental Support Services (Community Living Huronia) to meet with Sue, Glenda and Trisha, to see what the Employment Program was about.  After our meeting, I decided to join the Employment Course.  The classes are on King St., which is convenient for me, since I live close.

When I was working alone and trying to deal with all kinds of stuff, it was hard, but now that I’ve finished the program, I know I can do better.  There is lots of good class work and I learned how to get rid of some of my old parts that weren’t working for me and trying some of the new things I learned in the program.  Glenda showed me how CLH Developmental Support Services works for a person who needs help with employment supports.

I chose the North Simcoe Sports and Recreation Centre as my first job trial and I did it with Glenda.  I cleaned the walls, doors, display cases, floors, and any other jobs I was asked to do.  The Recreation Centre is a great place to work and be able to look around at all the parts of Midland’s history while cleaning the display cases and pictures.

Adrian at Huronia Museum for co-opI am big history buff and it has always been a dream of mine to be able to work at a museum, so I asked Glenda if they could get me a co-op at the Huronia Museum and they did.  My job there was to catalogue artifacts and Genevive was very helpful in teaching Glenda and I what we had to do, but the best part came when I got to catalogue old coins and bank notes of Canada.  They were all so very old and a wonder to hold.  I brought in my coin books to help me know what to write when we catalogued them.  I will forever remember the opportunity I had to work with the artifacts, thanks to CLH and the Huronia Museum.

Kevin and Adrian - CLH Employment ServicesAfter a few more weeks in class, Glenda asked me where I would like to go next and I chose Home Hardware in Midland.   I am a very organized person and like to keep things clean, so I worked hard to clean up the work areas and the yard and help unload the trucks.  I did so well that Kevin offered me a job there.  I’ve been here over three years now and am grateful to Kevin and Wendy for giving me the opportunity to work a steady job and have a regular paycheque.  They and all the staff at Home Hardware are great people and I take pride in the work I do there, to keep the yard clean and safe for everyone.

I plan on continuing to work for Home Hardware and having a happy life.

I have learned a lot about being a good employee and it is great to know that even after three years, CLH is still there to help me when I need it.

I thank CLH Developmental Support Services for the support they have given me.

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