A Success Story: Adrian Price

Adrian at Midland home hardware building centre

I went to the office of CLH Developmental Support Services (Community Living Huronia) to meet with Sue, Glenda and Trisha, to see what the Employment Program was about.  After our meeting, I decided to join the Employment Course.  The classes are on King St., which is convenient for me, since I live close.

When I was working alone and trying to deal with all kinds of stuff, it was hard, but now that I’ve finished the program, I know I can do better.  There is lots of good class work and I learned how to get rid of some of my old parts that weren’t working for me and trying some of the new things I learned in the program.  Glenda showed me how CLH Developmental Support Services works for a person who needs help with employment supports.

I chose the North Simcoe Sports and Recreation Centre as my first job trial and I did it with Glenda.  I cleaned the walls, doors, display cases, floors, and any other jobs I was asked to do.  The Recreation Centre is a great place to work and be able to look around at all the parts of Midland’s history while cleaning the display cases and pictures.

Adrian inspecting an old bank noteI am big history buff and it has always been a dream of mine to be able to work at a museum, so I asked Glenda if they could get me a co-op at the Huronia Museum and they did.  My job there was to catalogue artifacts and Genevive was very helpful in teaching Glenda and I what we had to do, but the best part came when I got to catalogue old coins and bank notes of Canada.  They were all so very old and a wonder to hold.  I brought in my coin books to help me know what to write when we catalogued them.  I will forever remember the opportunity I had to work with the artifacts, thanks to CLH and the Huronia Museum.

Kevin and Adrian at Home HardwareAfter a few more weeks in class, Glenda asked me where I would like to go next and I chose Home Hardware in Midland.   I am a very organized person and like to keep things clean, so I worked hard to clean up the work areas and the yard and help unload the trucks.  I did so well that Kevin offered me a job there.  I’ve been here over three years now and am grateful to Kevin and Wendy for giving me the opportunity to work a steady job and have a regular paycheque.  They and all the staff at Home Hardware are great people and I take pride in the work I do there, to keep the yard clean and safe for everyone.

I plan on continuing to work for Home Hardware and having a happy life.

I have learned a lot about being a good employee and it is great to know that even after three years, CLH is still there to help me when I need it.

I thank CLH Developmental Support Services for the support they have given me.