Our Brand Renewal Strategy

The 2018 strategic planning process identified concern with the current CLH brand and visual imagery. It was agreed by the CLH leadership team, the CLH Board of Directors and the Foundation Board of Directors that a re-branding exercise be undertaken. The CLH DSS Strategic Plan 2019-2021 established a clear brand renewal directive – CLH DSS will have a strong, progressive and recognized brand that grows awareness of the agency across all communities in Simcoe Region and beyond.

Rebranding became a high priority given:

  • the brand confusion with several organizations with Huronia in their name
  • potential negative stigma associated with the word Huronia for people with developmental disabilities
  • that CLH does not clearly denote what services and supports the organization delivers
  • the significant growth of the organization
  • the need for the organizational brand to reflect the various services CLH DSS delivers today
  • the delivery of service to many individuals across the lifespan
  • the delivery of services in many communities across Simcoe Region
  • the need for the brand to clearly articulate the value generated for the community
  • the need to adopt a fresh, modern and appealing visual image

Over the next three years, significant effort will be made to ensure that CLH DSS is well known and maintains its excellent reputation across Simcoe County and with all levels of government. We will share our great CLH DSS story with community partners, with the general community, and especially with young families and transitional aged youth. CLH DSS will deploy a new marketing strategy that will clearly demonstrate that our social service agency is helping to build civil communities, is delivering highly relevant programs, and is having positive impact on the lives of individuals who have developmental support needs.