CLH Developmental Support Services is pleased to be delivering a caregiver-mediated early years program through the York Simcoe Autism Network (YSAN)

Caregiver-mediated early years (CMEY) programs offered through the Ontario Autism Program (OAP) support families with young children ages 12 months to 48 months (4 years). These programs help young children learn new skills and meet individualized goals.

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Through the CMEY programs, parents and caregivers learn therapeutic strategies and specific techniques from professionals based on their child’s individual needs. The programs aim to build parents’ and caregivers’ capacity to support their child’s skill development in:

  • social interaction
  • play
  • communication
  • emotional development
  • adaptive development and self-help skills

Services include PLAY Project, Pivotal Response Treatment, and Social ABCs.

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CLH Developmental Support Services is delivering the PLAY Project in Simcoe County

The PLAY project is an evidence-based, playful, practical, parent-implemented program that supports the development of social interaction, communication, play and preschool skills in children on the autism spectrum. It is developmentally appropriate and fun, with strategies that you can use in your daily activities with your child.

The PLAY project is designed for children:

  • at all levels of need
  • aged 12 months to 48 months

who communicate at a variety of levels, from no words up to and including sentences.

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Who is eligible for a CMEY program?

Children who have a diagnosis of Autism, have registered with the OAP, and are aged 12 to 48 months (4 years) at the start of intervention. Children must be registered with the Ontario Autism Program (OAP), and their family must have received an invitation letter.

If you have received an invitation from the OAP to participate in the caregiver-mediated early years program and would like to register, contact YSAN by emailing,  or call 1-866-377-0286.