Page 10 - CLH DSS 2021 Annual Report
P. 10


            The  Dream Board project was coordinated by CLH direct
            support professional Carol, and had enthusiastic participation
            from CLH supported individuals. This project took on a life of its
            own with great discussions, and revealed a critically important
            question: what are your dreams? The positive energy was
            contagious as ideas, dreams, and goals were examined - and
            everyone gained a greater understanding of themselves and
            their peers as the boards progressed.

            Participants found inspiring pictures and utilized accessories
            to represent a vision of their goals and dreams - even creating
            their own personal crest or tattoo. In the process, it was
            discovered that sometimes unique symbols paint a better
            picture  than words ever  can.  As the projects  progressed,  it
            was obvious that some common themes were emerging: love,
            friendship and joy!

            Carol  shared  that  this  is  a  helpful  tool  that  can  be  used  to
            ensure  that  each  individuals’  Person  Centered  Plan  reflects
            their dreams as they change and grow. Dream big, everyone!

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