Page 5 - CLH DSS 2021 Annual Report
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               Throughout 2020/2021, the pandemic presented challenges for us      support the work of CLH Developmental Support Services — and we
               all in the ways that we lived and worked, socialized and connected   cannot adequately express our gratitude. We were astonished by the
               — and for charities, the way we raised funds for worthy causes. But   transformative leadership gifts and donations that came as a result of
               at CLH Foundation, it also presented one unexpected highlight: an   our virtual gala; these will have impact far beyond what anyone could
               unparalleled outpouring of community generosity for CLH.            have imagined.

               A collective of diverse and compassionate donors, businesses and    Over this past year, our community has given generously to CLH
               community supporters made an extraordinary effort to share their    Foundation and the helped us provide important opportunities for
               resources and generously support CLH Foundation in spite of these   individuals served by CLH Developmental Support Services throughout
               most challenging times. These acts of kindness have made the days   the pandemic, and this I can say for certain: your gifts will continue
               that supported individuals spent at home to remain safe from COVID-19   to support, include and empower each person who is touched by
               so much better, and helped to provide enriched virtual experiences   your generosity. Thank you to each and every one of you for your
               for learning, social engagement, and creative expression. Each gift has   continued support – you are making a vital difference to the entire
               undoubtedly helped us reach our goal of providing opportunities for   CLH community.
               each supported individual to thrive in ways best suited to them, when
               they were needed most. The beauty of community was on full display
               this year, and for that CLH Foundation is deeply appreciative.

               This year, charities were challenged to think outside the box, reinvent                 Sarah Kitchen
               signature fundraising events with online formats, rethink fundraising                   President of The Board
               strategies, and undertake digital campaigns — while finding ways to                     CLH Foundation Board of Directors
               connect with donors without face-to-face engagement. Thanks to you,
               CLH Foundation’s A Red Carpet Evening gala was an outstanding and
               unprecedented success. Your generosity raised more than $96,000 to

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