Page 8 - CLH DSS 2021 Annual Report
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OUR  LEADING THE                                                     Five Overarching Goals

            WAY  STRATEGIC

            PLAN 2019-2021                                                                   Culture and Team

                                                                                             CLH will demonstrate a highly skilled, motivated and fully
                                                                                             aligned team that is supported by a collaborative and
                                                                                  GOAL 1
            The CLH Developmental Support Services  Leading the                              trusting organizational culture, effective communication,
            Way Strategic Plan 2019-2021 outlines our path forward                           transparency and integrity.
            and recognizes the important role that the agency plays
            in Simcoe County and across Ontario. In partnership with                         CLH Recognized as a High Achieving
            the local community, this Strategic Plan enables innovative                      Social Service Agency
            approaches to improving quality of life, by supporting and                       CLH will be recognized within the Region and across the
            empowering children, youth and adults with developmental              GOAL 2     Province as an innovative and high-achieving social services
            support needs. Our strong record of safety and high-quality                      agency that is an essential player in supporting individuals
            programs  has  built  confidence  in  CLH Developmental                          with developmental support needs and their families.
            Support Services, enabling our continued expansion into a
            broad range of services and supports. We will continue to be                     Well Governed & Well Managed Organization
            a community leader and role model.                                               CLH will be well-governed, well-managed and

                                                                                             strategic in all its actions.
            This Strategic Plan ensures a progressive approach to                 GOAL 3
            inclusion that brings measurable social impact to people with
            developmental support needs and enables our contribution                         Brand Renewal
            to building a civil society. A sincere thank you to our Board                    CLH will have a strong, progressive and recognized brand
            of Directors, our staff, our families, our partners and our                      that grows awareness of the agency across all communities
            stakeholders who continue to make valuable contributions              GOAL 4     in Simcoe County and beyond.
            with the implementation of this Leading the Way Strategic
            Plan 2019-2021.
                                                                                             Revenue Development
            To review our Leading the Way                                                    CLH will aim to generate adequate operational revenues
            Strategic Plan please visit:                                                     and capital reserves to meet programming needs today
                                                                                  GOAL 5
                                           and into the future.

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