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            As  we  begin  a  new  fiscal  year,  we  look  back  and  have  so  much  to   all the difference, and I am reminded of the special responsibility that
            be proud of. It is an incredible honor for me to continue to serve as   an organization like ours has at this time.
            President of the Board of Directors. During my time as President, I have
            been fortunate to work with and learn from our admired leaders. I have   In moments like these our purpose and values matter greatly to the
            realized that I am most excited and engaged when we are empowered   supported individuals,  their families, and communities in which we
            to do what is necessary and motivated to make a meaningful difference   serve. We have experienced great success this year, and there were
            for our colleagues and supported individuals every day. Advocating for   signature programs and projects that continued to place CLH DSS as
            diversity, inclusion, and our unique CLH culture — striving for excellence   a valued role model in the sector. We completed our 3-year strategic
            — all requires the same daily dedication and encouragement to flourish.   plan and had many successes as well as opportunities to improve upon
            The Board is committed to this approach as we look forward to years   the foundation built at CLH DSS.
            of success.
                                                                                We are headed in a bright direction. With the right strategic plan,
            I know that everyone continues to feel the stress and uncertainty of   which is critical to shaping our future and powered by the best people
            this health pandemic, and it is fair to suggest that this year proved to   in the industry, we are confident that CLH DSS will face the year ahead
            be as challenging as the previous. In addition to our immediate health   with optimism to ensure our success.
            concerns, we continue to see a much wider impact on all our lives as   I would like to thank our Board of Directors, staff, families and
            well as our economic recovery. Through it all, everyone at CLH DSS   stakeholders for their continued support and valued contributions to
            continued to drive forward while helping each other, our supported   CLH DSS.
            individuals, and communities every day. We are grateful for the work
            of all CLH staff, and the Board wishes to acknowledge and thank     Thank you,
            everyone involved for your dedication, resiliency, and empathy to lead
            through these unprecedented times. The ongoing commitment makes

                                                                                                   Doug Thorhauge
                                                                                                   President of The Board
                                                                                                   CLH Developmental Support Services

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